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2019 Wilmington Women's Basketball Junior High & High School Team Camps

Team Camp Information

Wilmington College Women's Basketball is proud to be hosting 2019 summer team camps for the 22nd consecutive year. We have hosted teams throughout the state and beyond with great success. 


This year we are offering the choice of attending 1-day or 2-days of teams camps for girls basketball teams in junior high through high school. 

Junior high options are Friday, June 14th and/or Saturday, June 15th.

High school (JV/Frosh & Varsity) options are Thursday, June 20th, Friday, June 21st and/or Saturday, June 22nd.


Guaranteed four games each day. Teams will compete in divided pools of comparable ability. T-shirts will be awarded to the winning team in each pool. A certified Athletic Trainer will be on site. Games will be held at Hermann Court on the beautiful campus of Wilmington College. In addition, some games may be held at the Quaker Recreation Center, adjacent to Hermann Court, and Wilmington High School.


  • High school rules are in effect, unless otherwise stated
  • Two twenty minute halves. Until the last minute of each half, the clock will only stop on timeouts, any attempted free throws and at the referee's discretion for any unusual stoppages in play. In the final minute of play, the clock will stop for all deadball situations. 
  • Three 1-minute timeouts are given. There are no extra timeouts for overtime.
  • Halftime will last five minutes.
  • Fouls: On shooting fouls, 1 point plus 1 free throw (2 points plus 1 free throw on an attempted three-point shot). One free throw will be awarded on all made shots in which a shooting foul is called. Teams will be in the bonus beginning with the eighth team foul of each half and one point plus one shot will be awarded. Nobody will foul out (but please do not try to take advantage of this rule).
  • Overtime will be one minute with stoppage of the clock. No additional timeouts will be added. If the score is still tied after the first overtime, the game will go into sudden death (first team to score wins).


  • $225 if a team attends a 1-day camp
  • $400 if a team attends a 2-day camp or a school brings 2 teams for 1-day camp
  • $625 if a school brings 3 teams for a 1-day camp
  • $750 if a school brings 2 teams for 2-day camp
  • $900 if a school brings 3 teams for 2-day camp


**A $100 deposit is required to be postmarked by May 31, 2019 in order to confirm your spot. Please register using the online link above before sending in your deposit. After registering, you will receive waiver information and a money form via email.

***No refunds if cancel within 14 days or less of camp

Checks payable to: "Wilmington College Women's Basketball"
Mail to:
Janel Blankespoor
Wilmington College
Pyle Center Box 1246
1870 Quaker Way
Wilmington, OH 45177


Optional lodging options with "Wilmington College Women's Basketball Camp" discount available at:

  • Hampton Inn & Suites of Wilmington
  • Holiday Inn Express of Wilmington


Janel Blankespoor, assistant coach/camp coordinator
Phone: 937.481.2329
Fax: 937.383.8557