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Wilmington Quakers
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Williams Stadium

Townsend Field at Williams Stadium is the home of Wilmington College football and Wilmington High School football and lacrosse. The facility also features Beckett Track, which hosts numerous collegiate and high school track and field meets. Football has been played on Townsend Field from the inception of Wilmington College’s program in 1900.

In 2008, the playing field at Townsend Field was resurfaced with synthetic turf and new lighting was installed, giving Wilmington the ability to expand the number of collegiate and high school events hosted by Williams Stadium.

Townsend Field has been the source of synergy for the advancement of scores of football careers.  Included on the list of greats who called WC home are former NFL executive Kirk Mee and coaching Hall of Famer Bill Ramseyer. Seventy-six Wilmington College players have earned All-America honors, and although nearby Miami University is known as the “cradle of coaches”, Wilmington has helped produce dozens of coaches who have excelled at the high school and collegiate levels.