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Wilmington Quakers
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As Wilmington College student-athletes, we look forward to a successful academic year and athletic season. #WilmingtonCares about the health, well-being and inclusion of our teammates and classmates. We will engage in best practices to keep everyone safe and healthy. Wilmington College's core values of integrity, service, stewardship, peace, social justice and respect for all persons will define the way that we treat each other and our competitors.


We, the WC student-athletic community commit, to the following:

  • WE will demonstrate and advocate for respect for all people.

  • WE will wear a mask to potentially protect ourselves, our teammates, classmates, faculty, staff and competitors.

  • WE will engage in best hygiene practices and be aware of social distancing when around others.

  • WE denounce any form of discrimination (injustice) as it pertains to race, gender, sexual orientation, ability and/or religion and will quickly speak up/out against it if identified.

  • WE will, when necessary, hold accountable those who do not adhere to the above principles.