2016 Hall of Fame: Bruce Wasem

2016 Hall of Fame: Bruce Wasem

         BRUCE WASEM, made an impact on the lives of plenty of Wilmington College student-athletes as a head baseball coach, assistant football coach and intramural director.

He had a curious response to the news he was selected for the Hall of Fame.

"I asked Terry (Rupert) for a recount," Wasem said jokingly. 

Wasem served as an assistant football coach under Hall of Famer Bill Ramseyer from 1974 to 1990, and he was the head baseball coach from 1974 to 1990. 

"It was a fantastic opportunity for me," said Wasem. "It was a great time, and I enjoyed every moment. We had great student-athletes, who were down to earth and wanted to learn."

Wasem followed Ramseyer to the University of Virginia-Wise, where he retired from but is still serving as an adjunct professor.

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