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WC Top 30, #4 Ashley Lovett

WC Top 30, #4 Ashley Lovett

After releasing the Wilmington College Top 30 in segments of five, the Wilmington College Athletic Communications department has started releasing the Top 10 individually.

More than 100 people took time to vote in the poll, and here are the results.

#4 Ashley Lovett (Track and Field)

Less than a month into her hurdling career, Ashley Lovett ran away with an Ohio Athletic Conference championship in the 400 hurdles.

"Ashley was a great addition to our team and a bit of a surprise to win the 400 hurdles in 2016," said Wilmington head coach Ron Combs. "She is a great competitor and has outstanding work ethic. I think she will challenge for a spot at the National meet in 2017"

Lovett is also a member of the women's soccer team, playing in 18 games with three starts. She was third on the team with five goals, totaling 10 points for the Fightin' Quakers. She is the only two-sport athlete on the list. 

The countdown

5. Junior Pierce Burnam (Track and Field)
6. Senior Erika Good (Women's Soccer)
7. Junior Devon Maki (Men's Lacrosse)
8. Senior Reid Delaney (Men's Lacrosse)
9. Senior Brittaney Jefferson (Women's Basketball)
10. Junior Christian Jones (Men's Basketball)
11. Senior Antone Truss (Men's Track and Field)
12. Senior Taylor Scott (Women's Soccer)
13. Junior Chris Hein (Men's Lacrosse)
14. Senior Erik Spraul (Men's Swimming)
15. Senior David Spraul (Men's Swimming)
16. Junior Jhordan Lang (Men's Lacrosse)
17. Sophomore Niklas Martennson (Men's Soccer)
18. Junior Courtney Mackey (Softball)
19. Junior D.J. Iles (Men's Basketball)
20. Sophomore Benny Spirk (Men's Soccer)
21. Samantha Glish (Women's Swimming)
22. Senior Mary Moyer (Women's Basketball)
23. Junior Nils Asteberg (Men's Soccer)
24. Sophomore Jake Hyatt (Baseball)
25. Senior Elyse Spraul (Women's Swimming)
26. Junior Hunter Stith (Cross Country)
27. Junior Griffin Stith (Cross Country)
28. Junior Kennedy Harshaw (Volleyball)
29. Senior Ashley Andracki (Women's Basketball)
30. Junior Becca Petra (Women's Lacrosse)

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