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2016 Ohio Athletic Conference Track & Field Championships

2016 Ohio Athletic Conference Track & Field Championships

Schedule of Events

(Live Results)
(Perf List) (Heat Sheet)
(Williams Stadium Records) (OAC Records

Admission Prices

$5 - Single-Day Senior Citizen
$7 - Single-Day Adult
$10 - Two-Day Adult 
$2 - Non-OAC Students
FREE - OAC Students (w/ID)
FREE - OAC Lifetime Passes 

Teams Competing

Baldwin Wallace, Capital, Heidelberg, John Carroll, Marietta, Mount Union, Muskingum, Ohio Northern, Otterbein, Wilmington


The first place team for both the men and the women will receive OAC trophies.
The first three individuals in each event and the first three relays will receive certificates for All-conference recognition (to be mailed from the OAC office)

Special Awards

a. Dave Lehman – Most Outstanding Distance Runner
b. Marcie French – Most Outstanding Hurdler/Sprinter
c. Guido Ricevutto – Most Outstanding Field Athlete
d. Coaching Staff of the Year

a. Jim Wuske – Most Outstanding Distance Runner
b. Harrison Dillard – Most Outstanding Hurdler/Sprinter
c. Sparky Adams – Most Outstanding Field Athlete
d. Coaching Staff of the Year

Meet Scoring

We will score eight places (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) in all events

Entry Fee

No entry fee will be taken from individual schools.  The OAC office will send the host institution a check for any expenses one month before the championship date.  The host institution is required to submit all gate receipts to the OAC office within three weeks after the Championships.  The OAC office will be responsible for invoicing the participating schools the difference between the approved budget and gate receipts.  (If gate receipts exceed the approved budget, the OAC office will be responsible for sending checks to the participating schools).

Entry Procedures

1. Entries for the Outdoor conference championship will be due by 7:00 pm on the Wednesday (April 27th) preceding the championship.  All entries need to be submitted at this time including wild card entries(Please email all wild card entries at this time to Entries need to be done at

2. Each school will be allowed to enter a maximum of four (4) athletes per event who have achieved the Minimum Performance Standard established by the coaches committee. 

3. Each school is allowed to enter a maximum of one (1) relay per relay event.

4. Each school will have the option of utilizing two (2) wild card entries per gender. Each wild card entry can be used for one (1) person in one (1) event. However, a coach may use both wild cards on one athlete or they can use both wild cards on a single event.

5. For all entries, if the athlete/relay has a mark on the OAC performance list, the listed mark must be used for entry.  Otherwise the entry mark will be changed to "no mark."

6. Entries must be submitted through "".  Before sending the entry, print out your entries to check for accuracy. 

7. Fields will be posted on by 11:59pm on the Wednesday preceding the championship to confirm all entries.  Mistakes are to be reported to the host school immediately. No corrections will be allowed after 10:00am on Thursday (April 26th)

8. If a coach feels that there are extenuating circumstances preventing an athlete from competing, the coach can attend the coaches meeting on Thursday night and appeal to the Game's Committee.

C. Declarations

1. A list of all declared athletes will be posted on the host institution and OAC's webpage by 10:00am the Thursday preceding the championship (April 28th).  All entries are final as of 10:00am Thursday. (April 28th)

2. Subsequent to 10:00am on the Thursday before the championship only scratches will be accepted. Scratching an athlete from an individual event will eliminate that athlete from all competition during the remainder of the meet. 

Meet Numbers

We will use only Hip Numbers given to the athletes by the clerks before each event. We may put hip numbers on both sides of each runner and/or on the chest.

Drawing of Heats

Mistakes, concerns or challenges to entries should be brought to our attention ASAP or at the latest by 10:00 AM on Thursday. At 1:00 PM on Thursday April. 28th, the meet will be seeded using Hy-Tek Meet Manager by Mike Chatfield of FinishTiming. Mike will send the file to the meet director for review at Hermann Court in the Track Office.  Coaches are welcome to attend. Challenges to or concerns with the heat/flight sheets should be brought to our attention ASAP so that we can correct if necessary and get the corrections posted. We will post heat/flight sheets on the host schools web page after 3:00 PM Thursday.

Entry Time Schedule:

Wednesday 7 PM --- Entries due (including wild cards)
Wednesday by 11:59 PM – Confirmation file will be sent
Thursday 10 AM – Corrections deadline
Thursday 1 PM – Heats/Flights drawn
Thursday by 3 PM – Heats/flights posted.

Severe Weather Policy

a. The championship shall not begin until all teams have arrived on Friday.
b. If a team is unable to travel safely to the meet on Friday, the meet will be postponed until Sat at 12 noon.  (events that such schools are not entered in can be contested on Friday if the coaching body agrees)
c. If the championship is delayed until Sat, the meet must start at 12 noon, regardless if all ten schools are present or not.
d. If less than five schools compete in the championships, there shall be no champion crowned or all sports points awarded.

Conducting the Running Events

The following events will be run as finals:  800m; 1500m; 5000m; 3000m steeplechase; 10,000m and all relays.  There will be semi-finals in all other running events unless any event scratches down to a final.  A double waterfall may be used in the distance events.  If the fields are too large in the distance races for one (1) section, coaches will be asked to vote on dividing fields into more sections. The 3200 meter relay will have positions randomly assigned.

Format for setting up the 100m, 200m, 400m, 110hh, 400imh:


            a) Heats will be formed by splitting competitors by times

            b) Competitors will be randomly assigned to lanes within their heat

            c) If we have 2 less runners than the number of lanes on the track, we will center the heat(s).

            d) If we have 7 competitors in a heat, we will not use lane 1.

            e) Heat winners and the next fastest times to a total of eight (8) qualify for the final

f) Preferred lanes for finals (4,5,3,6,2,7,1,8)


Format for setting up the 400m relay and 1600m relay:


            a) 10 teams: 2 sections; 5 in slow/5 in fast (4,5,3,6,2)

            b) 9 teams: 2 sections; 4 in slow/5 in fast (4,5,3,6,2)

            c) 8 teams or less: 1 section: 4 teams in each heat (4,5,3,6,2,7,1,8)


Format for setting up the 3200m relay:


a)      1 section, randomly assigned positions, waterfall start


Conducting the Field Events  


Format for setting up the long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, discus, and hammer throw:


Competitors will be randomly assigned to flights not larger than 12 or smaller than 5.  Each competitor will receive three (3) preliminary attempts.  The top nine (9) performances in each event will qualify for the finals where the order will be in reverse of the performances in the preliminaries for three (3) final attempts.  Ties will be broken in accordance with NCAA rules. There will be a ten-minute warm-up period between flights and between preliminaries and finals.


Format for setting up the high jump and pole vault:


The order of competition will be random.  Both the starting heights and the incremental changes will be set with the NCAA qualifying standard in mind.  When there is a large field the four/five alive procedure will be used

Meet Conduct

NCAA & OAC Rules

Spikes and Blocks

1.  Spikes longer than 1/4 pyramid are NOT permitted.  They will be checked! 
2.  You may use the house starting blocks or your schools (spikes must be ¼ pyramid or less); If you use Moye blocks, bring your own.


1. Jumping surfaces are the same as the track. 
2. Throwing surface is brushed concrete

3. The Javelin Runway is grass.

4. We have new Richey pole vault and high jump pits.

Team Seating and Food

Team camps can be set up outside of the track area or in the auxiliary gym in Hermann Court. If you have your camp in the Auxiliary Gym-please help in picking up your trash after the meet.

All throwing implements must be weighed-in during the times listed below.  Only implements that pass the weigh-in inspection will be allowed during competition.  Weigh-ins will take place near the throws area underneath a black tent by the new practice turf..

Friday Weigh-In: 10:30 p.m. - 11:15 a.m.   Saturday Weigh-In: 8:30 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

Coaches Meeting

We will have a coaches meeting at 6:30 PM on Thursday in Hermann Court Room 101. You can choose to participate in the meeting via Conference Call-that information will be sent out the week before the Championship.   A sign will be posted on the doors guiding you to the classroom.  All coaches are invited.  Food will be provided.  Please let me know if you are planning on attending so I have the right amount of food.


Results will be posted on boards located next to the Concession Stand and in the Auxiliary Gym by the team camps.  Running scores will be at the bottom of each result page.  Results of Friday's events and lane assignments for Saturday's finals will be available at the finish line following the final race on Friday.  At the conclusion of the meet on Saturday, final results will be distributed to each coach.  All those who participate will be listed. 

Athletic Trainer

A satellite Athletic Training area will be located on the south side of the track near the long jump and you will have access to the main training area in Hermann Court.

Brian Dykhuizen
937-382-6661 ext. 252

Locker Rooms- Will be available; all locker rooms will be located in Hermann Court

Concessions - Will be located near the North end of the Home Seats in the Football Stadium(Green Building).


Spectators will be charged for admission: adults $7 (2 day pass for $10), Senior (62 years) = $5, non-OAC students $2. OAC students are free and OAC lifetime passes are also admitted free of charge.

Timing and Scoring

Timing and scoring will be done with 2 fully automatic timing Finish Lynx systems and Hy-Tek for scoring the meet.

Phone Numbers

AD: Terry Rupert 937-481-2255
SID: Jayson Ameer Rasheed 937-481-2347
TF Coach: Ron Combs 937-481-2256

(Cell) 937-218-3220
Fax: 937-383-8566